Junior Project Manager

Junior Project Manager – Environmental Services (INTERN)

REPOSTED:  Sept. 10, 2021

Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is in need of an individual to assist in daily field and administration duties.  This position is partially funded by a Government Grant, and some educational, residency, and other requirements must be met. To qualify, the right candidate must have:


  • Must be a full-time, permanent position
  • Environment-related position in STEM or Natural Resources
  • Must be 30 years of age or younger
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status
  • Educated with a minimum 2-year diploma

The right candidate will have opportunity to obtain & expand their basic knowledge & skills; integrating  into a project manager position in the following core areas:

  1. Drilling Waste Management (Primary Service Area)
  2. Site Assessments (Basic soils, topography, plant & animal ID)
  3. Water Resource Management
  4. Spill response, cleanup, remediation (depending on availability/requirement)
  5. Safety Management

Upon training and a term of fieldwork, a supervisory role will be integrated to:

  1. Field Service in Drilling Waste and Water Management – this will make up a majority of your duties.
  2. Setup, dispatch resource & manpower, maintenance, & problem-solving of daily operations (once you become more Senior & proficient with field duties).
  3. Review & interpretation of (laboratory) data.
  4. Client / Stakeholder communications for effective service provision.
  5. Prepare & review of applications, technical reports to clients, regulators, stakeholders.
  6. Review of operations, Operating procedures; streamline & increase efficiency and/or make use of technology for competitive advantage of the company
  7. Field visitations for general operations, Quality Assurance.
  8. A heavy focus will be on core areas #1 & #5.

The candidate should

  • reside in Red Deer / Central Region, or one of the other field office locations.
  • have a reliable vehicle suitable for light offroad duties (4×4).
  • have excellent technological skills with PC, mobile devices, email, and any other variety of technology that can enhance efficiency of the position and company as a whole.

The best possible candidate will hold

  • positive, inquisitive attitude with intelligence to learn from others as well as their own growth & mistakes, integration of theoretical knowledge and skills.
  • Precision & Accuracy, attention to detail.
  • Hold themselves to professional conduct within work, social and community setting.
  • A variety of knowledge, skills & expertise in basic and advances scientific areas.
  • A knowledge or willingness to learn about oilfield and Environmental industry is highly valuable.
  • Knowledge of various provincial (AB, SK, MB, BC) & federal legislation with respect to the above areas
  • Excellent Proficiency in a variety of hardware & software products (MS Office, Adobe, GIS)
  • A willingness to travel (as required, sometimes short-notice) to various places for a short or extended stays as per project requirements
  • High availability to communicate & consult to clients/management/field personelle
  • An appreciation for outdoors has high benefit to this position.
  • a customer-focus, networking and company-growth through positive attitude will help this position grow into a longer-term opportunity and/or career.
  • Experience or familiarity with the (upstream) oil & gas industry
  • Eligibility towards a Professional Designation (P.Ag, P.Bio, P.Chem, Technologist, Technician or similar) A desire to persue professional growth, life-long growth & learning

Currently, it is preferred for a 1-year Intern Contract Position.  The Internship will be for approx. 12 months long, and is tenative of funding program approval for employer & employee (program has not yet been approved).   The position will likely translate into a Full-Time position for the correct candidate.  It is a good position for entry-level and entry into the Environmental industry.  Salary is dependant on experience and suitability of the candidate:  $18-$25/hr depending on Education & Experience.  Benefits can begin (100% paid premiums) after the minimum initiation (probationary) time.

Please send resumes to :               hr@chinook.com                 Reference:  JPM#20210901

CO OP QUALIFICATIONS (not yet confirmed)

  • If you currently study at a university or college in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math (STEAM) and Business, you qualify!
  • You must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or have Refugee status.
  • Students on a work permit or visa are not eligible.