Administrative Manager / Technical Report Writer – INTERNSHIP)

Posted: Apr. 27, 2020

Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is in need of an individual to assist in daily field and administration duties.  This position is partially funded by a Government Grant, and some educational, residency, and other requirements must be met. To qualify, the right candidate must have:

INTERNSHIP QUALIFICATIONS (May 15, 2020 or sooner)

  • Must be a full-time, permanent position
  • Environment-related position in STEM or Natural Resources
  • Must be 30 years of age or younger
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status
  • Educated with a minimum 2-year diploma

The right candidate will have opportunity to obtain & expand their basic knowledge & skills; integrating  into a project manager position in the following core areas:

  1. Administrative Management – Office Administrator
  2. Report Compilation, Review
  3. Technical Report Writing
  4. Project Management (Assistance)
  5. Data gathering, review, interpretation
    1. Drilling Waste Management (Primary Service Area)
    2. Site Assessments (Basic soils, topography, plant & animal ID)
    3. Water Resource Management
    4. Spill response, cleanup, remediation (depending on availability/requirement)
    5. Safety Management
    6. Reclamation
    7. Remediation

An onboarding process includes company and systems familiarization.  Other training may be applicable (WHMIS, TDG).  Some field visits may occur to assist in field operations, and gain knowledge of operations.  Primary  Duties will include

  1. Set up Projects
  2. Provide technical and administrative assistance to project Managers, field personelle, Management.
  3. Organize Job information and associated documentation.
  4. Interpret, organize, and process a variety of reports within the normal scope of the services of the Company.
  5. Maintain office supplies and environment.
  6. Communicate with suppliers, clients and representatives as applicable.
  7. Gather and respond to customer inquiries.
  8. Review of operations, Operating procedures; streamline & increase efficiency and/or make use of technology for competitive advantage of the company
  9. Conduct yourself in a professional manner inside the workplace and out; look for new opportunities for further business development.
  10. Field visitations for general operations & Quality Assurance may be required.

The candidate should

  • reside in Red Deer/Region
  • have a vehicle to access office.  Some work-at-home days may be possible. 
  • Flexible hours & schedules are available.
  • have excellent technological skills with PC, mobile devices, email, and any other variety of technology that can enhance efficiency of the position and company as a whole.

The best possible candidate will hold

  • positive, inquisitive attitude with intelligence to learn from others as well as their own growth & mistakes, integration of theoretical knowledge and skills.
  • Precision & Accuracy, attention to detail.
  • Hold themselves to professional conduct within work, social and community setting.
  • A variety of knowledge, skills & expertise in basic and advances scientific areas.
  • A knowledge or willingness to learn about oilfield and Environmental industry is highly valuable.
  • Knowledge of various provincial (AB, SK, MB, BC) & federal legislation with respect to the above areas
  • Moderate to above-average Proficiency in a variety of hardware & software products (MS Office, Adobe, GIS)
  • High availability to communicate & consult to clients/management/field personelle
  • An appreciation for outdoors has high benefit to this position.
  • a customer-focus, networking and company-growth through positive attitude will help this position grow into a longer-term opportunity and/or permanent career.
  • Experience or familiarity with the (upstream) oil & gas industry
  • A desire to persue professional growth, life-long growth & learning.  

Currently, it is preferred for a 1-year Internship position.  This position has already been approved for funding; the applicant will need to meet the applicable conditions.  The position will likely translate into a Full-Time position for the correct candidate.  It is a good position for entry-level and entry into the Environmental industry. Salary is dependant on experience and suitability of the candidate:  $2,500 – $5,000 / month depending on Education & Experience.  Benefits can begin (100% paid premiums) after the minimum initiation time (3 months).

Please send resumes to :                      Reference:  AAS#20200427