Environmental Consultant

(Environmental Technician)

Environmental Services Consultant

Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is in need of an individual to assist in daily field duties.

The right candidate will have opportunity to obtain & expand their basic knowledge & skills; integrating  into a project manager position in the following core areas:

Drilling Waste Management (Primary Service Area)
Site Assessments (Basic soils, topography, plant & animal ID)
Water Resource Management
Spill response, cleanup, remediation (depending on availability/requirement)
Safety Management

Upon training and a term of fieldwork, a supervisory role will be integrated to:

Supervise small projects related to (primarily) water management and drilling waste on oil & gas daily operations.
Third party stakeholder liason.
Orientation and supervision of truck operators.
Field Chemistry on soils, water, sludges.
report compilation
laboratory sample submission, proper data & sample transfer & acquisitions.
Client / Stakeholder communications for effective service provision.
Prepare & review of applications, technical report reports to clients, regulators, stakeholders.
Field visitations for general operations, Quality Assurance.

The Candidate MUST

  • have a Post-Secondary background in Environmental Sciences
  • Reside in Canada, or be willing to relocate to Western Canada
  • Have full command on written and spoken English

The candidate should
– be motile in that projects may be short-term across Western Canada (Primarily Western Sask, various Alberta areas). Short or prolonged stays as per project will most likely be required (hotels, camping, etc.) for 1-5 days at a time.
– have a vehicle suitable for offroad (4×4 preferred).
– have excellent technological skills with PC, mobile devices, email, and any other variety of technology that can enhance efficiency of the position and company as a whole.

The best possible candidate will hold a positive, inquisitive attitude with intelligence to learn from others as well as their own growth & mistakes, integration of theoretical knowledge and skills.
Precision & Accuracy, attention to detail.
Hold themselves to professional conduct within work, social and community setting.
A variety of knowledge, skills & expertise in basic and advances scientific areas.
A knowledge or willingness to learn about oilfield and Environmental industry is highly valuable.
Knowledge of various provincial (AB, SK, MB, BC) & federal legislations with respect to the above areas
Excellent Proficiency in a variety of hardware & software products (MS Office, Adobe, GIS)
A willingness to travel (as required, sometimes short-notice) to various places for a short or extended stays as per project requirements
High availability to communicate & consult to clients/management/field personelle
An appreciation for outdoors has high benefit to this position.
a customer-focus, networking and company-growth through positive attitude will help this position grow into a longer-term opportunity and/or career.
Experience or familiarity with the (upstream) oil & gas industry

The position is a 1-year position as per funding allocations.  It is an excellent way to obtain experience, contacts and knowledge in your field of expertise.  It is not uncommon for this position to be a stepping-stone to much more specialized positions in the industry.

Opportunities may also exist for Self-employed individuals (CESL will assist in this setup), as this will offer the individual the greatest economic and time-efficiency advantage.  The position may well translate into a Full-Time position for the correct candidate (office/administration role or hybrid with field).

Salary is dependent on work availability, experience, work flexibility of the candidate, and suitability of the candidate:  $3,000 (entry) – $6,000 / month is possible.  Mileage and accommodation is usually reimbursed (may be Job-specific).

There is opportunity for Contractors (non-employee) with double or triple the compensation possible.  Details can be provided at time of interview.

Please send resumes to :               hr@chinook.com                       Reference:  EC#20190527w