Servicing B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan since 2002.


Drilling Waste Management

Drilling Fluids, Drilling Solids, Cement Surplus, Freshwater, Invert, Saline

Water Management

Source acquisitions, Monitoring, Reporting, Disposal/Release

Environmental Monitoring

Sensitive Ecosystem management, Observe, Advise, Record, Report

Spill Response

Containment, Delineation, Cost-effective cleanup, Remediation, Monitoring, Reporting

Water Well Testing

Pre-operations, Post-Operations, Potability, Quality, Quantity

Reclamation & Remediation

Situational specific for each project. Please contact us to discuss your project in detail.


Chinook Environmental Services is committed to ISO 9001 as our Quality Management Standard. We strive to better serve our staff and customers through innovative problem solving and continuous improvement. Our Quality Management System is always being improved and as a result, so are our services.


We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment at all of our operating locations. We are dedicated to identifying, correcting, and preventing health, safety, and environmental hazards that could adversely affect our employees, customers or the public.
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Our proven track record utilizes innovation, quality and our CELLS principle.

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