ISO 9001
International Standard for Quality Management
Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. is committed to ISO 9001 as our Quality Management Standard to better serve our staff and customers through innovative problem solving and continuous improvement.

Our Quality Policy
Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is committed to providing high quality services particular to our customers’ individual needs and expectations.
CESL continually improves their Quality Management System (QMS) by engaging and developing our employees, and with the continual improvement and enhancement of the services we provide.

Our Quality Mission
Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is committed to the continual improvement of its management system and operations, providing quality services of removing or minimizing any liabilities for clients, with respect to legal, environment and regulatory compliance. We recognize the contribution we make to Sustainable Resource Development and will incorporate sustainable development thinking into all of our activities.

Our Quality Vision
Our recognition and acceptance of the following objectives will be demonstrated by our commitment to your organization in our quality of the services we provide. We are committed in ensuring that the following is our primary focus in each and every service we provide:

  • Reducing or eliminating legal and environmental liabilities and the prevention of pollution risks which may be related to industry activities.
  • Complying with regulatory, legislative, contractual or other obligatory commitments.
  • Deploying an integrated management system at our job sites that will ensure the establishment and measuring of objectives, supporting the reduction of impact of related activities.
  • Seeking to satisfy our customers fully by constantly adapting our services to their current needs and expectations.

Our Research and Development Center is striving to be at the leading edge of innovating technology in order to better improve the performance of our services and minimize their impact on the environment.