Digital Media & marketing Developer (Co-op & Internship)

Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is in need of an individual to assist in maintainance and creation of their digital & hard-copied media to showcase their company and other subsidiary companies.  It entails website updating and/or revamping, social media, article sourcing and posting (including time-released). Their various skillsets in SEO optimization is key to bringing the companies to a higher level of exposure. Additionally, metrics will be placed and monitored to ensure the most productive effect of resources and efforts. This position is partially funded by Grant, and some educational, residency, and other requirements must be met.

This is proposed to be partially funded by a government program, so to qualify, the right candidate must have:

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee status
  • Post-Secondary education with a 2-year diploma or 4-year degree (minimum).
  • Must be 30 years of age or younger

The position may lead into a full-time or contract position dependant on workload and candidate’s performance.


  1. Vehicle or transporation to office for routine/weekly meetings (located in Burnt Lake Industrial, Red Deer – note that not public transportation exists). Remote work is preferred (work from home).
  2. Very good knowledge of following languages/software:
    1. Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook)
    2. Web Applications/Forms.
    3. Proficiency in Typing, Data Entry, Data Transfer.
  3. Very good Mathematical skillset, High Numerical literacy.
    1. Attention to detail
    1. Prioritization, organization, verbal and written proficiency.

Additional skills that will enhance your chances at hiring:

  1. Hard Sciences (Chemistry, physics, biology) understanding
    1. Environmental Sciences
    1. Oil & Gas operations, terminology (upstream)
    1. Office organization (printer & network utilizations)
    1. Friendly & outgoing demeanour.

A more detailed layout of the description is below.

Employer Obligations

  • Onboarding, familiarization & basic training provided by employer.
  • Flex hours/days.  Except for specific important deadlines & meetings, you can start & finish any times or days. 
  • Salary:
    • $1,000 – $1,200 / week
  • Benefits: full (AB Blue Cross) after 3 months.
  • Extended learning programs are possible, at 100% employer/government funding (on employees own time).

  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Funding End: Apr. 30, 2022
  •  Email resumes to:
  • Competition Reference (PLEASE quote in Subject line of application!)
    • SEO-SM20211023001

  1. Digital Media & Marketing Developer – Multi Companies
    a. Background – The Employer is an Innovative, multi-faceted (yet vertically integrated)
    parent company of a variety of ventures. What has been lacking in their growth is proper, and
    innovative, cutting-edge and trending media and marketing content. This has been a significant
    obstacle in company growth, but is also realized as important in Economic and Environmental
    recovery of the ventures.
    b. Duties – The candidate will become familiar with current business operations, market,
    competition and their marketing plans. They will assess and make recommendations to implement a
    marketing program, and use their own creative thought, skill sets, collaborations with colleagues
    and school resources, and a variety of devices and items to enhance the companies’ digital and
    print media presence. They will obtain and/or create, present and finalize digital content such as
    photography, video, print, scientific articles, and other creative approaches to enhance the
    company’s digital footprint. They will work with the other individuals within the digital skills
    group, but also team leads, supervisors, and technicians for new ideas, enhanced creativity, and
    market research to properly undertake their duties. Follow up with clients and/or potential clients
    will be important to gauge success of the endeavours. Implementing online marketing like * Google
    Ads, LinkedIn, social media presence, and a variety of other platforms is highly important.
    Attending webinars, social events, and conferences, and then sharing experiences and intel with
    other team members will be crucial for team-like operations and corporate culture. Further
    development of the current media & marketing system, and enhancement of current features utilizing
    some skill sets outside our current skill sets are highly sought to give a fresh, new, innovative
    and more efficient operation on the system(s) will make you a better candidate. Promoting the
    company, as well as seeking out new opportunities for new-clients will be vital to making a
    sustainable long-term position possible. Some front-end assistance in our web application would be highly possible; for this the candidate should understand angular, .json, databases, etc. – but some training may be provided.
    c. Skills required – Communication skills highly important, mastery of English language
    (written, spoken) and digital communication. Proper documentation for work logs as well as system
    coding and user-documentation creation. Multi-media skill sets such as photography, videography,
    editing, organization, customer tracking, are highly valuable. Online marketing platforms such as
    Google Ads is extremely important*.
    d. On-boarding – 1 day Administrative (Company policies, payroll, taxation,
    quality/safety, etc.); team meeting for some/all individuals, field familiarization day(s) for
    hands-on understanding, skill assessment and training plan. Professional development courses may be
    available, possibly with 3rd party grants.
    e. Meetings: Meetings will be via teleconference, video conferencing as much as possible.
    The exemption is for on-boarding, initial team meetings, and any specialized training or field
    experience opportunities. We will observe Covid-19 restrictions to ensure a safe and healthy
    workplace. A home office setting/remote is completely acceptable, and location is not important.
    However, office space and technology resources (PC, printer, Hyper-speed Internet) is available at
    our Headquarters office in Red Deer (note: no public transit is available; candidate must have
    their own transportation available). Self-management and self-imposed work discipline is a must;
    the individual will need to be accountable for all time, with time logs provided on a daily basis.
    f. *Software training provided – A variety of online training modules for deficient
    programming education may be available. The company will consider covering the cost of
    online/external training and/or time in lieu of the training. Mentorship will be available from the
    team leads, but also collaborating with the other digital skills individuals that may be hired in
    conjunction with this position. For example: Google AdWords and Google Ads has an online learning
    platform to properly implement their digital marketing system.
    g. Term – the position is currently proposed to be funded by an external source. A salary
    is available up to a maximum of $35,000 for an 8-month term. Start is ASAP. It is expected that the candidate would assist in transitional duties to a new candidate if a new candidate will replace on the new term. Interns must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons who are employed, underemployed or hold part-time employment. They must be 30 years of age or younger, and unemployed, under employed, or a student/recent graduate.