Drilling Waste Management

Drilling Fluids, Drilling Solids, Cement Surplus, Freshwater, Invert, Saline

Water Management

Source acquisitions, Monitoring, Reporting, Disposal/Release

Environmental Monitoring

Sensitive Ecosystem management, Observe, Advise, Record, Report

Spill Response

Containment, Delineation, Cost-effective cleanup, Remediation, Monitoring, Reporting

Water Well Testing

Pre-operations, Post-Operations, Potability, Quality, Quantity

Phase I, II, Reclamation & Remediation

Situational specific for each project. Please contact us to discuss you project in detail.

Hydro-Vac Waste Consulting & Management

Site Design, Permitting, Authorizations, Notifications; Material ReUse & Management

Collaborative Services

  • Phase 3 Environmentals
  • Environmental Planning, Consulting & Third Party Review
  • Waste Management Facility Design, Permitting and Construction
  • Site Rehabilitation/ ARO / Closures, Technical Writing
  • Reclamation, Remediation, Contaminated Site Managements
  • Wetland Assessments, Wildlife Sweeps, Soil/Veg Assessments
  • Abandonment & Decomissioning
  • Spill Response & Remediation
  • Pipeline Bore Waste Management, Water Course Monitoring
  • Water Management, Integrated Fluid Solutions
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Environmental Planning/Permitting
  • Remediation & Risk Management
  • Hydrogeology, Groundwater Sampling, Monitoring Programs
  • Environmental Construction Management

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  • We service Western Canada
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J. White, Construction
“Chinook Environmental really gets the WHOLE PACKAGE. ¬†Considering logistics and stakeholder engagement really made my job easier in consequetive jobs”
S. Thompson, ST Lands