Junior Project Manager – Environmental Services (Contract – Intern) – ***NOT*** accepting applications

Administrative Assistant (Manager) & Technical Report Writer (Contract – Intern) ***NOT*** accepting applications

Environmental Technician  Consultant (Contract – Intern)***NOT*** accepting applications

Senior Report Writer – Data Analyst (Intern) – ***NOT*** accepting applications

GIS / Programming Specialist (Term [CO-OP])***NOT*** accepting applications

Marketing Executive [Entry Level] (Contract- Intern) – not available at this time

Chinook Environmental Services is seeing an optimistic trend in employment opportunities for the 2017 and forward years.  As such, we are opening up consideration for the following positions (see descriptions below):

Water Resources Manager (“Manager, water transport”-HRDC Job Bank) – Please Quote WRM#20175598.  [Location: Calgary and/or Red Deer and/or Grande Prairie, AB.] – Jan. 31, 2017

Sr. Project Manager (Pls. Quote SPM #2017397) (Red Deer, Calgary, Kindersley, Regina)

Jr. Project Managers (Pls. Quote JPM #2017667) (Various locations)

Entry Level Technicians (Pls. Quote ELT #2017991) (Various locations)

Locations: Please see our “Service Area page for details on locations.  Please make note of geographical area(s) of availability for enhanced consideration.

Resumes and SHORT cover letters may be email to:  (please quote the placement # in the subject line)

Chinook Environmental Services serves various divisions.  Please include in your cover letter your area(s) of expertise and/or interest in expanding your portfolio & Skills, as well as your geographical area(s) of availability, and/or willingness to re-locate.

  • Site Assessments – Pre-operational Assessments (soil, veg & wildlife catalogueing), Soil Sampling, Spill Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring – oversee construction & oil/gas activities.  Document and provide legislative interpretation from Environmental consideration.  Monitor streams for offsite contamination, frac-outs (pipelines).
  • Drilling Waste Management – Arrange resources, liason with third party stakeholders, onsite chemical analysis of drilling waste, sampling, sample submission to laboratory, interpretation and advising of results in regards to regulatory directives, compiling reports, and billing the client.  Drilling Sites, Directional Drilling, etc.
  • Water Management – Scout & source fresh water, assist in routine monitoring of water source useage and flow rates, water levels, etc.; obtain information and applicable permits pertaining to management of our precious resource utilization, and routine and final reporting of applicable data to applicable regulatory agencies and clients.  Cost effective management and option provision to clients on logistics, safety and economics on water acquisition including transport, land access, etc.
  • Remediation, Reclamation, Abandonment – Phase I, Phase II, Phase III studies of sites, pipelines, etc., assessment of spills, cost-effective plan formulation and execution towards cleanup of contaminated sites and spills, final reporting of activities.

Water Resources Manager (“Manager, water transport”-HRDC Job Bank) – Please Quote WRM#20175598.  [Location: Calgary and/or Red Deer and/or Grande Prairie, AB.]

The individual’s duties will include:

  • Liason with company, industry, field, regulatory, land and other parties to ensure compliant, timely acquisition to water resources for use in fracing, drilling, pipelines, and any other items as required.
  • Ensure a high level of monitoring of logistical acquisition, placement, retention, useage and release of fresh water sources.
  • Investigate cost- and logistically- effective water sources through various industry, municipal, scientific, etc. resources. This may include municipal waste water, ground water, frac flowbacks, production, etc.
  • Investigate inter-company communication and logistics in an effort to re-use, recycle, and reduce water resource useages.
  • Routine reporting to CESL and client managements. Provide applicable and readily-accessable tracking sheets on water allocations and useages;
  • Work with CESL staff to ensure fullest and most effective integration
  • Assist CESL in providing Temporary licenses, tracking, monitoring and reporting of various other clients as requested.

– Individual Location: any combination of Calgary (Client or CESL office), Calgary (CESL or home/office), Red Deer CESL office, GP field/client-office  (field visitations, term-postings)

– Minimum 3 days/week (24 hrs/40 hr. work-week) dedicated to 1 specific client’s operations.  High-priority projects given most attention, and lower-priority (reporting requirements, monitoring, investigation on alternatives, industry meetings, etc.) to fill-in the hours.

  • Compensation Rates will vary depending on individual’s Education, skills, and experience in this position.  Please be ready to state your income expectations, and flexibility on compensation.

– This position is anticipated to accelerate quickly to full time, and possibly to oversee an entire team.

The following positions are set to Expire Feb. 06, 2016

Sr. Project Manager (Pls. Quote SPM #2017397)

You have a minimum Bachelor or 4-year post-secondary training in hard sciences.  Those with Environmental-based sciences will be given priority.  Your 5+ years of industry experience has given you field skills, as well as personelle, equipment and various resource skills.  Cost-allocation and cost-benefit analysis are inherintly applied to projects.  You have a track record of attention to detail, fantastic & accurate reporting skills.  Technology skills are at a high level (email, database/ms-office, browsing, etc.).  Your network of peers and ability to expand that network bring a hidden knowledge and skill base to CESL.  You have the skills and ambition to work independantly, but routinely report to Senior Management.

Software Development Assistant – Web Application

Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is in need of an individual to assist in development of a Web Application to compliment their management operations.  This is proposed to be partially funded by a government program, so to qualify, the right candidate must have:

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee status
  • Must have a Post-Secondary education with a 2-year diploma or 4-year degree (minimum)
  • Must be 30 years of age or younger

The right candidate will have opportunity to obtain & expand their basic knowledge & skills; assist in some technology development, and gain some skills & insight into the Environmental, Oil & Gas Sectors.

Location: Any remote location in Canada is possible (preference to Red Deer, Edmonton or Calgary).  Generally, an independant work environment will be experienced, either at office in Red Deer, AB and/or at-home.  You will work alongside and underneath a Senior developer, Company Management, and even have field visitations to test software.


  1. A laptop/PC for your useage.  One may be provided in-office.
  2. Very good knowledge of following languages/software:
    1. Web Applications
    2. Angular JS 2 +
    3. .NET framework
    4. Databases (esp. sql)
    5. MS Office (esp. MS Excel)
    6. Key markup (kml) / Google Earth/Maps / GIS

The best possible candidate will hold

  • positive, inquisitive attitude with intelligence to learn from others as well as their own growth & mistakes, integration of theoretical knowledge and skills.
  • Precision & Accuracy, attention to detail.
  • Hold themselves to professional conduct within work, social and community setting.
  • A variety of knowledge, skills & expertise in basic and advances scientific areas.
  • A knowledge or willingness to learn about oilfield and Environmental industry is highly valuable.
  • Knowledge of various provincial (AB, SK, MB, BC) & federal legislations with respect to the above areas
  • A willingness to travel (as required, sometimes short-notice) to various places for a short period of testin

The term of the contract is 1 year.  It may translate into a Full-Time position for the correct candidate.

32-40 hrs/Week (or equivalent * );  $15.50 – $40/hr

Please send resumes to :                Reference:  ELTS 2018-1

Jr. Project Managers (Pls. Quote JPM #2017667)
You have some experience directly or indirectly related to the industry. You can work independently or semi-independently, and minimal training will be required. With your 2+ years of relevant experience, you will be able to expand your scope of practise while continually building on knowledge and skills.  A minimum 2-year diploma from a recognized institution, preferentially in Environmental Sciences will give you the base knowledge to operate at the field level.  You can manage Compliance, Economics, Logistics, Liability and Safety of a project from start to finish. You will continually build your knowledge and skillsets, and work with the company as part of our overall team.

Entry Level Technicians (Pls. Quote ELT #2017991)
A recent graduate (preferred) of an environmental program with minimum 2-year diploma or  4-year diploma/degree from a recognized post-secondary institution, you have extensive knowledge and skill-sets in specific areas applicable to a division or divisions of the scope of services offered by CESL (as above).  You are anxious to learn and provide yourself a knowledge and skillset to proceed in the Environmental Industry.  This position has traditionally been a fantastic stepping-stone from CESL to enter the Energy and Environmental industries, with many individuals proceeding to Senior positions within private and public companies.  A Mandatory Basic training of 1 week (theory) and 2 weeks (field), as well as advanced training will be provided.   Pay rates start between $25/hr and may exceed $200/hr. depending on your phase/level of training and the job(s) that can be offered.