Software Development Assistant/Lead Web Application

Chinook Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) is in need of an individual to assist in development of a Web Application to compliment their management operations.   The web app is already developed, but is in further development under R&D, feature development and refining, and modification in a manner towards general useablility/marketability.   The placement is under a funded Internship position (term contract) in replacement for maternity leave; it is unknown at this time of maternity return.).  This is a fantastic opportunity for an Internship and/or Co-op.

To qualify, the right candidate must have:

  • a Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Resident or Refugee status
  • Post-Secondary education with a 2-year diploma or 4-year degree (minimum).
  • Must be 30 years of age or younger

The right candidate will have opportunity to obtain & expand their basic and advanced knowledge & skills; assist in some technology development, and gain some skills & insight into the Environmental, Oil & Gas Sectors.

Location: Any remote location in Canada is possible (preference to Red Deer, Edmonton or Calgary).  Generally, an independant work environment will be experienced, either at office in Red Deer, AB and/or at-home.  You will work independantly but with support of Company Management and field & administration employees, and even have field visitations to test software.


  1. A laptop/PC for your useage.  One may be provided in-office.
  2. Very good knowledge of following languages/software:
    1. Web Applications
    1. Angular JS 2+,  Angular 2+, Javascript, HTML, CSS
    1. .NET framework  .NET Core framework – API  
    1. Databases (esp. sql) Databases (esp. MSSQL – MYSQL)
    1. MS Office (esp. MS Excel)
    1. Key markup (kml) / Google Earth/Maps / GIS

Additional skills that will enhance your chances at hiring:

  1. Python
  2. Mobile Development (Ios/Android)
  3. PHP
  4. Deploying Code – IIS Server

The best possible candidate will hold

  • positive, inquisitive attitude with intelligence to learn from others as well as their own growth & mistakes, integration of theoretical knowledge and skills.
  • Precision & Accuracy, attention to detail.
  • Hold themselves to professional conduct within work, social and community setting.
  • A variety of knowledge, skills & expertise in basic and advances scientific areas.
  • A knowledge or willingness to learn about oilfield and Environmental industry is highly valuable.
  • Knowledge of various provincial (AB, SK, MB, BC) & federal legislations with respect to the above areas
  • A willingness to travel (as required, sometimes short-notice) to various places for a short period of testin

The term of the contract is until April, 2022.  It may translate into a Full-Time position for the correct candidate, and if the application develops to a commercialization state (which is close).


  1. Flex hours/days.  Except for specific important deadlines & meetings, you can start & finish any times or days. 
  2. Salary:
    1. $1,000 – $1,200 / WEEK
  3. Benefits: full package; 100% employer-paid after 3 months (AB Blue Cross).
  4. Extended learning programs may be possible, at 100% employer/government funding (on employees own time).

Start Date: Nov. 01 or sooner

Email resumes to:

Competition Reference (PLEASE quote in Subject line of application!)


  1. Software Engineer Technician/Web Programmer (UCollab / Envirolive )
    a. Background – Envirolive is a relatively new & developing venture that is a project
    management software (currently aimed at Environmental Services). It utilizes an online web-based
    database that has a number of very useful features to organize & run a service-based business, such
    as Private, multi-level user access, file structure, redundancy elimination, automation, project
    organization, and numerous other features. Envirolive has received R&D funding for many of its
    unique features over the last 3 years, and continues to be an innovative, technology driven
    solution for the primary company. It is currently in a point of transition to marketability, and
    requires a specialist to implement and develop new-installation (routine and custom) to Beta
    testing companies; this new baseline venture will be called “U-Collab”.
    b. Duties – The candidate will become familiar with the database design and operations.
    Following that, they will assist in seeking out a partner to launch a new-install for their
    business operations. Customer consultation and support on the initial installation, as well as
    feature modification & additions, as well as troubleshooting will be mandatory. Further development
    of the current system, and enhancement of current features utilizing some skill sets outside our
    current skill sets are highly sought to give a fresh, new, innovative and more efficient operation
    on the system(s) will make you a better candidate. Working with the remainder of the team, and
    ensuring proper data acquisition, synchronization, and display is important. Promoting the system,
    as well as seeking out new opportunities for new-client installs will be vital to making the
    system a self-sustaining venture.
    c. Skills required – Communication skills highly important, mastery of English language
    (written, spoken) and digital communication. Proper documentation for work logs as well as system
    coding and user-documentation creation. Programming experiences in Multi-platform App Design,
    Javascript, html, CSSS, C#, API, ASPnet core, Core
    II. Some deficiencies in software training may be accepted; See below for software training
    opportunities. A very good understanding of GIS/GPS systems (particularly Leaflet, key markup
    language (kml), or similar alternatives will assist in current hurdles we have.
    d. On-boarding – 1 day Administrative (Company policies, payroll, taxation,
    quality/safety, etc.); team meeting for some/all individuals, field familiarization day(s) for
    hands-on understanding, skill assessment and training plan. Professional development courses may be
    available, possibly with 3rd party grants.
    e. Meetings: Meetings will be via teleconference, video conferencing as much as possible.
    The exemption is for on-boarding, initial team meetings, and any specialized training or field
    experience opportunities. We will observe Covid-19 restrictions to ensure a safe and healthy
    workplace. A home office setting/remote is completely acceptable, and location is not important.
    However, office space and technology resources (PC, printer, Hyper-speed Internet) is available at
    our Headquarters office in Red Deer (note: no public transit is available; candidate must have
    their own transportation available). Self-management and self-imposed work discipline is a must;
    the individual will need to be accountable for all time, with time logs provided on a daily basis.
    f. Software training provided – A variety of online training modules for deficient
    programming education may be available. The company will consider covering the cost of
    online/external training and/or time in lieu of the training. Mentorship will be available from the
    team leads, but also collaborating with the other digital skills individuals that may be hired in
    conjunction with this position.
    g. Term – the position is currently proposed to be funded an external program directed
    towards youth. Start is ASAP.
    It is expected that the candidate would assist in transitional duties to a new candidate if a new
    candidate will replace on the new term. Interns must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or
    persons who have been granted refugee status in Canada, and legally entitled to work in Canada.
    They must be 30 years of age or younger, and unemployed, under employed, or a student/recent graduate.